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Plastic Recycling Factory

Shae Recycling Projects

Promoting Recycling in Sierra Leone

Shae Recycling has also agreed to jointly collaborate with Sensi Tech Hub, for the completion of it proposed recycling factory located at the heart of the Bumeh Dumping Site in Kingtom in a bid to transform this facility into a waste collection, processing and recycling factory. As a company we will also be creating the necessary value chain so that waste can be transform into a valuable resource through the various incentive / motivational packages we will be offering the different actors and players in the sector.

Most of the time in a society where poverty is prevalent, waste management issue will become a natural occurrence because people would rather gravitate towards survival than cleanliness, but that should not be the order of the day.

Creating Value from Waste

With the current waste generation of almost 745 metric tonnes daily in Freetown, with an average of 0.45 kg of waste generated per day per person, while the standard of living of Sierra Leoneans continue to decline. We came up with an initiative to solve the problem of waste management using creative innovation