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The increasing awareness in the Freetown Municipality about the need to save and protect our environment in relation with the disposal of wastes (different types of waste including electronic waste) generated is a very positive step in the right direction. Waste Management is one of the major environmental concerns in the world and Sierra Leone in particular. That's why Shae Recycling is here!

  • Emmanuel Mac-Boima
    CEO Company

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Shae Recycling Company is committed to assisting our clients to properly handle their waste.
Whether you seek a one-time clear out or an efficient ongoing recycling program, our expert team will
take time and care to tailor a custom solution that will be right for you.




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Shae Products
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Shae Products

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SHAE Recycling is one of the most innovative recycling company in Sierra Leone I have ever come across. There products and services are unique as they are not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective.

Mahmoud Idriss

Shae Recycling Offer’s a unique tailored and customized garbage collection service package affordable to everyone, it high time we start supporting such companies by subscribing to their garbage collection service. Since I started using Shae Recycling’s Services, they have always exceeded my expectations.

Rev Fr. Dr. Victor Sumah
Lecturer | Mass Communication Dept. - FBC

Shae Recycling Company is a force to be reckoned with as I want to not only commend them for their good work, but to also show solidarity and call on us all to support and subscribe to their products and services as they are doing a very good job in creating a solution for our waste management problem in Freetown.

Mrs. Mariama Sambo
Financial Consultant

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Innovation in Sierra Leone: the fight to enable the ecosystem

Shae Recycling, a company that collects waste from people’s houses in a responsible and safe way, and reuses it. They turn plastic into pavement tiles, ideal to use outdoors, turn tyres into armchairs and other recycled plastic objects into pencil holders, gift boxes and flower pots.

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Shae Recycling: the future of innovation lies in waste

Urbanisation has brought along many blessings such as technology and access to modern facilities. Unfortunately, though it has also brought along a gigantic problem, the production of more waste. Sierra Leone like many other countries around the world is battling with plastic waste.

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