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Message from CEO

The most common types of waste in Sierra Leone are: domestic waste (rubbish produced by individuals and households), commercial waste (solid waste coming from business places such as stores, markets, office buildings, restaurants, shops, bars, etc.), and industrial waste (produced by factories and processing plants. While other forms of waste are agricultural, hazardous, health care and electronic waste.

Based on the above that is why SHAE Recycling was set up to engage in this sector which no other company or institution has ever done before in a very professional manner to provide the necessary operational systems and set up for the proper collection, processing and handling of waste.

As a company we look forward to working with you in making a difference in our communities as we strive towards transforming Freetown and Sierra Leone as a whole in terms of proper waste management principles and procedures. May I also use this opportunity to inform you that we have already started discussion with Sensi Tech Hub to see how we can work together and improve on it current facility at Bumeh dumping site in Kingtom in turning it into a Recycling Factory where waste will be collected, processed and recycled into other products.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re also passionate about waste management and how we can collaborate in bringing about the change which we all desire.

I look forward to working with you.